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All The Perks of Living in a College Town

All The Perks of Living in a College Town

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 08, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VALiving in a college town might seem like an unusual decision once you're out of school. Sure, living there might make sense while your own children are in school, if you're going back to college to enhance your career or if you're taking a teaching opportunity. But if you aren't connected to the university, staying in a college town or choosing to move to one might seem like a strange choice. It isn't.

Let's be clear as to what a college town is. Here, we're talking about a smaller community in which a large university provides employment for a significant portion of the town's residents, and many other residents are involved with businesses that serve students and alumni. In these towns, the student population makes up a significant part of the population.

College towns offer a number of perks beyond simply having university-level classes down the street.

Here are five benefits that come from living in a college town.

Low cost of living. College towns tend to have a low cost of living. After all, landlords are often renting properties to college students without a lot of money.

Often, the sticker price of rent in such towns is fairly low, but the leases may involve a lot of protection for the landlord against property damage. If you're a mature adult who isn't going to have a big party every weekend, you're likely to avoid all of those extra expenses.

Furthermore, such towns are often full of a wide variety of low-cost services, such as inexpensive restaurants and many secondhand shops, which are usually well-stocked. They typically have good yard sale markets since students often buy items and leave them to be resold when they depart.

Cultural opportunities. College towns often attract cultural events and tours from musicians, stage companies and speakers that would not otherwise come to a town of that size. This gives you the opportunity to live in a relatively small-town environment while still seeing top-notch cultural events.

Sometimes, these performances and concerts are on campus but open to the public, so you may want to watch the schedule of events there. Many college towns, however, have other venues, such as bars and small concert venues, that are often used by traveling performers. There's usually something to see or do all the time, at least in comparison to other towns of similar size.

Low-cost entertainment opportunities. The universities themselves tend to provide an abundance of low-cost or free entertainment opportunities to the community. For starters, politicians, authors, celebrities, artists and other public figures often appear at universities and colleges in speaking and question-and-answer forums that are open to the general public for free.

Beyond that, universities and colleges often have a range of special-interest groups that work to share that interest with the broader community, offering demonstrations and events on campus and in the town itself. Pay attention to the local news, community calendar and college's calendar to find all kinds of low-cost entertainment options.

Easy ways to make money. Many universities have thriving research projects that seek out citizens of the surrounding town for paid opportunities. You might be paid to play a game or eat a strange food and give your thoughts on the experience, for example, as researchers study some aspect of what you're doing. It can often be an easy way to earn a few bucks.

Plus, many college towns have businesses that offer simple ways to earn a few extra dollars. While these businesses might target students, members of the community are typically welcome. You might be able to make extra money from donating plasma, driving for a ride-hailing service or offering up transcription and editing services through sites like Upwork (both professors and some students will use this).

Exceptional medical services. If you choose to live near a university with a good medical school, you'll have access to top-notch medical services at a reasonable price, which can be a great bargain. Medical schools tend to offer a wide variety of medical services to the public, with those services used as learning opportunities for students.

For people in town, this typically means that medical appointments and procedures involve an experienced doctor paired with a student or two. The student learns about the practice of medical care while the doctor tries to provide a good model for the student. Thus, if you don't mind having a student watching and learning from your medical visits, using the local medical school's services can be a great bargain for excellent care.

All in all, there are a lot of perks that come from living in a college town beyond the educational opportunities. Don't overlook those benefits.

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Money- USA News

Millennials Are Renting in Lynchburg, VA

Millennials Are Renting in Lynchburg, VA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 01, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VAThe Millennial generation is all about changing tradition. They’re marrying later. They’re in favor of ping pong tables in the office.

And they’re renting apartments instead of buying.

That’s not to say they don’t want to purchase a single-family home eventually:

A survey this year showed that as many as 75 percent of those young Americans born into Generation Y do want to own their own home, and most (66 percent) want to do so in the bucolic (Virginia) suburbs.

They just don’t want to do it yet:

Another recent report found that a full half of Millennials rent their homes, a figure up markedly from the 37 percent of renters surveyed just five years ago.

But why?

Why are Millennials choosing to rent, and not buy?

Purchasing a home means acquiring more debt. The most obvious reason millennials are opting to rent is the crippling debt many find themselves with in their early 20s. According to the Institute for College Access & Success, 7 in 10 college students who graduated in 2012 have student loan debt. The average amount: a staggering $29,400 – and many others graduate even deeper in the hole. The amount of student loan debt has increased an average of 6 percent per year since 2008, and there is no sign of the trend stopping.

With student debt looming, it’s no wonder millennials favor a monthly rental check over additional mortgage debt. While mortgage payments can be more affordable than rent in some cities, recent graduates likely don’t have the funds necessary to make a down payment. Beyond having money for a down payment on a home, some millennials simply don’t qualify for a mortgage. Whether they are saving up for a down payment or choose to rent as a long-term housing decision, renting allows millennials to move out quickly without the immediate financial squeeze that comes with homeownership.

Apartment life is more affordable than owning a home. In addition to the upfront cost of a down payment and a mortgage, managing a house comes with a lot of additional costs: Homeowners must pay property tax, maintenance and repairs, utilities and perhaps even association fees on top of their mortgage. An apartment requires rent and utilities, which is much more manageable for a millennial on a tight budget.

To take advantage of apartment amenities. Many apartment complexes offer amenities such as fitness centers, pools, a concierge and on-site maintenance – perks that don’t usually come with your first home purchase. Though renting an apartment in a building that has luxury amenities can come with a bigger price tag, the features cut down on other bills. Instead of paying for a gym membership and rent, renters in these buildings can pay one price and get both. In fact, the idea of having access to amenities is so appealing to some young people that they plan to rent for a while.

To enjoy city life. Many young people choose to live in urban areas because they like the atmosphere. They can walk to grocery stores, take public transportation, find night spots easily, see live concerts and access great restaurants. Millennials drawn to the energy of metropolitan areas likely can’t afford to own a home there. If city living is a priority, they’ll sacrifice homeownership to get the location, and that means renting.

To maintain flexibility and freedom. Recent college graduates want to have the freedom to move around. They’re just beginning their careers and haven’t decided when and where to settle. For this reason, renting an apartment instead of moving right into homeownership is often the smarter choice. Young people can move for a new job or to simply try out another city without being tied down to a mortgage. Rather than settling down immediately after college, millennials are focused on finding the right job, a city that fits their personality and trying new things.

For more information on apartments in Lynchburg, VA contact Walden Pond.



Tips for Leaf Season on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Tips for Leaf Season on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 24, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VAThe Blue Ridge Parkway is an immensely popular destination for trips to see the leaves change in Autumn. Many residents of our apartments in Lynchburg, VA are planning for their leaf peeping trips now that Fall has arrived.

When will the leaves be at their peak Fall color on the Blue Ridge Parkway?

During the month of October, usually mid to late month, but it depends on your elevation. Leaves will begin changing first on the highest peaks and finish in the lower elevations.

There is no simple formula for predicting Fall color. The Parkway includes east and west facing slopes, and varies in elevation from just under 650 feet at James River in Virginia, to over 6,000 feet south of Mt. Pisgah in North Carolina.

Folks often find that they cannot go to one spot on one day in October, hoping to find the leaves in full color. A far better plan is to drive some distance along the Blue Ridge Parkway, changing elevations and north-south orientation. Any one who does this around mid to late October will likely catch at least some sections at or very near their peak color.

Why does Fall color vary year to year?

The intensity of Fall color and time of peak color vary and are determined by complex environmental factors, as well as the genetic makeup of the plants themselves. The “best” Fall color for an area occurs during the shortening days of autumn when days are bright, sunny and cool, when nights are cool but not below freezing, and when there has been ideal rainfall. Adequate rainfall also keeps the leaves on the trees longer and enhances the color. Wet, cloudy, warm weather or exceptionally low temperatures in early fall tend to mute the much anticipated autumnal display.

2018 Fall Color Updates

9/24/2018 Update - From the Blue Ridge Parkway

The first day of Fall was this on Saturday, 9/22! The official kickoff for the 2018 Fall Color Season has begun!

We headed up to the upper elevations of the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend to see how colors were progressing in the upper elevations, above 5000 foot.

Good news, they are!

As you approach 5,000 feet and above, you'll begin to see some yellow, oranges, and even a little read sprinkled in here and there. The higher up you go, the more color you can see. The primary color is still very much GREEN, but the change has definitely started and is noticeable!

We drove from Parkway from Waynesville NC up to Graveyard Fields, at MP418.5. Graveyard Fields is one of the first areas to change on the Parkway, due to the elevation, and unique type of foliage. It generally peaks during the first week in October, but seemed to be just a little behind this year.



Improve Your Credit Score by Renting

Improve Your Credit Score by Renting

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 17, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VAOn-time payments are a solid way to build your credit score. Your payment history constitutes 35% of your credit score – the largest contributor among the five factors used in calculating your score.

Payments on most debts are reported to the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) for inclusion in your credit report, and credit-scoring systems use that information to calculate your credit score. However, one regular payment for many Americans is reported to credit bureaus in a purely negative fashion. When renters are late on payments or evicted, that information is typically reported to credit bureaus – but regular, on-time payments are not.

If your credit score needs a little extra boost – or if regular rent payments are about the only good thing you have to report – rent reporting services such as Rental Kharma, RentTrack, ClearNow, and Pinch are available to supply the credit bureaus with your rental payment history, so you can reap credit-score benefits. (Obviously you'll need to make on-time payments to see those benefits).

Some property management groups are already connected with a rent-reporting service, where all you need to do is opt in. Check with your landlord to see what options are available. Otherwise, you'll have to work with one of the services directly. Walden Pond Apartments in Lynchburg, VA does report rent payments to credit agencies, thus helping tenants to improve their credit scores. In fact, all HHHunt properties report on-time rental payments.

As you evaluate services, check out the following:

Bureaus – Some services are linked directly with one of the three major credit bureaus. Others report to two bureaus, and a few (RentTrack, PayYourRent, and Pinch in particular) report to all three bureaus.More reporting of positive information increases the positive effect on your credit.

Fees – Services directly linked to a property management group, like PayLease or PayYourRent, may be free to you. Other fee structures vary from monthly flat fees to fees per transaction to variable charges based on your rent amount. Rent Reporters and RentTrack, among others, offer a potential quick credit boost by the addition of up to two years of past rental payment for a one-time fee.

Payment Logistics – What options do you have for payment? Are there options for linking to a debit/checking account or credit card? Does the reporting service require that you funnel rent payments through them, and if so, what are the timing and terms?

Service-Specific Details – Do you have to opt in to the service? How long should it take for rent payments to appear on your credit report? How is your personal information protected?

Landlord Requirements – Landlords may be required to verify your payments. Make sure your landlord is open to the responsibilities and verify with the rent-reporting company how any disputes with your landlord are handled.

Even if your regular rent payments are reported to the credit bureaus and incorporated on your credit report, your credit score may not be affected in the eyes of some lenders. There are several different score variations tailored for risk factors in specific industries.

To make the most out of your reported rent payments, ask lenders whether regular rent payments are included in your score. It may not make much difference, but every little bit counts when you are trying to get credit at reasonable interest rates in a competitive market.

For more information on apartments in Lynchburg, VA contact Walden Pond.



Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 13, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VALynchburg officials have declared a local state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence. Residents need to prepare for heavy winds, rain, and potential flooding as a result of the hurricane that is headed toward the east coast.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management said Florence may be Virginia's most significant hurricane event in decades.

Lynchburg officials say to prepare now for the storm that is expected to hit Thursday and Friday -- make sure you have your hurricane preparedness kit.

Here are some of the items to include in an emergency kit:

Food and Supplies

  • At least a 3-day supply of water and non-perishable food
  • Infant formula and diapers
  • Pet food and supplies

Medical Needs

  • Medications for at least one week and copies of prescriptions
  • Medical equipment
  • First aid kit and antibiotic ointment
  • Sunblock

Tools and Safety Items

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Antibacterial soap and disinfectant
  • Paper towels, toilet paper and towelettes
  • Bleach and rubbing alcohol
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Also, be sure to have an emergency communication plan set in place, including all contacts of those in your household, as well as relatives and neighbors.

Also, fire and police officials are asking you to stay home once the hurricane lands in Virginia and to not go outside to take photos.

There will be barricades up as the impacts from the hurricane start to happen, officials ask you to not drive around them or move them. Some barricades will be pre-positioned to block certain streets that may be prone to flooding.

Also, do not drive through standing water.

There is an expectation for power outages -- avoid downed power lines and downed trees. AEP will be on standby in the case of downed trees and power lines.

Recent heavy rains have resulted in the ground already being water logged and will set the stage for potential flooding, especially in low-lying areas of the city.

If evacuations are ordered, do your best to comply as there is no guarantee you can get emergency help if you choose not to leave.

You may call 911 for emergencies and 211 for non-emergencies.

If needed, shelter will be available at the Salvation Army on Park Ave, but it is not yet open.

You can call 1-800-RedCross for any information on shelters for relatives in other areas in the path of the storm.

Residents are also encouraged to sign up for Lynchburg Alerts, the City’s emergency notification system online.

All Virginia localities are being advised to prepare for possible flooding, downed trees and power interruptions.



Top Fall Decorating Trends for Your Apartment Home

Top Fall Decorating Trends for Your Apartment Home

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VAThe signs of fall are fast approaching: the first day of school, cooler weather on the way, football games and pumpkin spice lattes! We love autumn and it’s the perfect time to give your apartment in Lynchburg, VA a refreshed look. There are a number of fall decorating trends that are popular this year and we’ve got the top five trends for you:

Fall Hue Fabrics:

Not surprisingly, interior designers are going “all in” on fall hues and colors this season, according to Elle Decor. Oranges and reds will make a splash! You can add some pops of color with new pillows or curtains to give your home that quintessential fall look.

Gold Accents:

Speaking of colors making a comeback, gold is going to be big this autumn, but more muted. Gone are the days of highly polished and bright gold. Instead, muted gold accents with a brushed finish will add understated elegance to any room. What’s great is that this trend doesn’t have to be expensive and HGTV offers more details as part of its fresh fall trends.

Woven Textures:

Woven baskets and textiles provide a warm feeling that is so popular in colder months. Country Living notes many ways to incorporate woven textures in your home or apartment, from hanging baskets to using wicker stands for plants to hand-knit wool throws and more.

Pumpkins and Gourds:

Bringing nature indoors during fall, especially with pumpkins and gourds, is a tried and true fall decorating trend. Instead of spreading them around a table as a centerpiece, spice it up this year by using a rustic lantern to display pumpkins, gourds, and acorns. This statement piece is perfect outdoors or in the kitchen, according to the Simply Beautiful Kitchens Another creative idea is to display pumpkins and gourds in planters, flower boxes or hanging baskets.

Quick DIY Decorations:

Another major fall decorating trend is finding DIY solutions that are quick and easy so you can focus more time on enjoying this season. The Clean & Scentsible blog has a great list of fabulous fall décor projects that can be completed in less than 15 minutes. From dressed up printable artwork for fall to adding fun lights to a fall beverage bar, these DIY solutions will get the job done!

It’s how you live that matters. Feeling cozy and comfortable in your home or apartment is important and that’s what fall decorating is all about. These trends and tips will have your home looking, feeling, and even smelling like autumn. Have fun decorating!



Can't Miss Fall Festivals Around Lynchburg

Can't Miss Fall Festivals Around Lynchburg

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VAFall is a favorite season in Lynchburg, and it is on the way! The crisp air, vibrant leaves, seasonal foods and beverages…there is something about a fall festival that is irresistible. And while there are dozens happening during the upcoming autumn months, these fall festivals highlight the best of the season, combining the fall flavors, sounds, and activities that you look forward to each year.

Beaver Dam Farm Sunflowers Festival

September 1 and 2, and September 8 and 9
10am to 5pm
Admission: $5 cash
Location: Wheatland Rd, Buchanan, VA
Phone: (540) 797-4336

4th Annual Virginia Food Truck Battle

Sun, Sep 2, 11:30am
Augusta Expo, Fishersville, VA

Bigger and better this year! NEW LOCATION is Augusta Expo located just off I-64 in Fishersville, VA

The trucks will be sectioned off into three zones with six trucks in each. Each zone crowns a winner by the votes from the VIP’s. Each zone winner will then compete in front of a panel of judges, which is comprised of three chefs from different parts of Virginia. “The food trucks take the competition seriously. They are in it to win it,” Kim Metje, Event Coordinator said. There will be craft breweries from across the state also competing in the battle of their own. The Beer winner is determined by VIP’s and Beer Tasting Ticket holders voting. The battle is set for Sunday, Sept. 2nd, during Labor Day weekend. A large expanded children’s area with entertainment and loads of activities for the kids are on tap this year. More artisan, craft and specialty vendors will be at the festival, and variety of different bands will be playing ALL DAY!

Come walk through fields of gold! 21 acres of sunflowers! Music, food and craft vendors, photo booths, wagon rides, children's activities and more! $5, 3 and up. No dogs allowed. Cash only at entrance.

Labor Day Wine & Music Fest

Rebec Vineyards
Sat, Sep 1, 12:00pm
Music, Food, Arts, Crafts & Virginia Wines

On the shady grounds of the picturesque Rebec Vineyards is a Labor Day Wine and Music Fest; weekend event you won’t want to miss! The 8th Annual Labor Day Wine & Music Fest is a celebration of food, wine, music and artists! In addition to the many selections offered by Rebec Vineyards, several guest wineries will be offering tastings.

Lynchburg Beer, Wine & Cider Festival

Sat, Sep 15, 12:00pm
3176 Fort Ave, Lynchburg, VA

The 9th Annual Lynchburg Beer, Wine & Cider Festival will be held on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 at the Lynchburg City Stadium from 12-7pm.

Enjoy over 75 different options of craft beer, ciders and wine all hand picked and selected from right here in the state of Virginia.

Local artisans, delicious food and live music round out this event.

‚ÄčThe Sampling Admission Ticket includes 10 - 4oz. beer and cider samples and unlimited wine samples along with a commemorative beer or wine glass while supplies last.

2018 Devils Backbone Hoopla Adventures

Fri, Sep 28, 2:00pm
Devils Backbone Brewing Company, Roseland, VA

Devils Backbone Hoopla is excited to have many more Adventures planned for this year's festival! Please note that you MUST have a pass to the festival. Some adventures are currently sold out. All adventure holders must check in at the designated check in spot 15 minutes prior to the schedule start time. If there are guests that have not checked in 5 minutes prior to the event start time Hoopla may assign spot to a "Stand-by" guest on a first-come, first-served basis. Stand-by spots will be assigned a number on a first-come, first-served basis starting 30 minutes prior to an event.

27th Annual Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival

October 13, 2018 - October 14
10am to 5pm

Virginia wines, live entertainment, arts, crafts and GARLIC! Tastings by guest wineries, multiple stages with live entertainment, over 150 unique arts, crafts and specialty foods. The Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival is Virginia's largest agricultural festival, and last year was awarded first place for Lynchburg Living's 2016-2017 "Best Festival or Event”!

48th Annual Amherst Apple Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 20th & Sunday, October 21st
Amherst County High School

Crafts & Craft Demonstration
Some of the best crafts are made by hand! Before making a purchase of a lifetime, watch our awesome crafters show you how it's made!

Apples and Cider
Come out and get some sweet, fresh picked apples and some homemade apple cider!

Festival Food
Enjoy a variety of fresh cooked, affordable festival food and beverages. Take a break from the grand commotion and enjoy a delicious hot dog with a cold drink. Or maybe even a slice of pie and some cider!

Vendors and Displays
Make sure when you come to the Apple Festival, you check out the tremendous vendors and displays. You can look to buy quality goods for affordable prices or just stop to check out a great display!

What goes well with festival food and a sweet glass of apple cider? A great show of course! Come watch our talented singers and dancers perform!

If you live in an apartment in Lynchburg, VA, come out and join us for a fun filled event for all ages!


Millennials Are Moving to Virginia!

Millennials Are Moving to Virginia!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 20, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VAThere are around 71 million millennials in America and in 2019 they are expected to surpass the number of baby boomers. That makes millennials a coveted generation for cities looking to bolster their workforce and tax base. Where millennials decide to move has enormous impact on local markets, from the cost of living to the type of food offered in your neighborhood.

Census Bureau data was used to find out where millennials are moving. To track millennials’ mobility, we looked at immigration and emigration data for 217 cities.

Key Findings

  • Old Dominion is popular – Virginia takes three spots in the top 10. In particular the southeastern portion of the state makes appearances in the top 10.
  • Big Apple no more – New York took the bottom spot on this list again. In particular residents seem to be leaving the city to venture into other states. In total around 69,200 residents moved to New York from out of state while nearly 95,000 left the Big Apple for another state.

The States Where Millennials Are Moving

4. Virginia

The South makes up most of the states in the top 10. The no. 2 ranking state is Texas, with a net influx of nearly 34,000 millennials, followed by Virginia which gained 18,300 more millennials than it lost.

For more information apartments in Lynchburg, VA contact Walden Pond.



20 Reasons Why You Should Move to Virginia As Soon As Possible!

20 Reasons Why You Should Move to Virginia As Soon As Possible!

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 13, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VAThis is for those who don't live here. The ones who are looking for a new location, but aren’t sure. Or maybe you’re in Virginia, but your best friend lives somewhere else. Better yet, your parents have retired and you could use some family close by. Whoever you are, if any of these apply to you – or someone you know – then its time to call the moving trucks.

1. You love all 4 seasons.

Winters are cold, sure. But the snow is pretty and it’s rarely too much – this isn’t Boston after all. Summers are hot – that’s why we have so many amazing lakes, beaches and rivers. But you can have hot or cold anywhere. In Virginia, it’s spring and fall that make it all worthwhile.

2. You want to be at the heart of it all.

Virginia is within a day’s drive of 50% of the U.S. population. So “but I’ll never see my old friends” is simply not an excuse!

3. You love the mountains.

You can reach some of the most beautiful mountains in the world within just a few hours from anywhere in Virginia.

4. But you also love the beach.

Same goes for the beach. We have some of the most amazing beaches anywhere and they’re all within a half-day’s drive, no matter where you live in the state.

5. You appreciate a good economy.

The Washington Post calls Virginia “the best state in America” when it comes to managing budgets shortfalls. We’ve managed to keep the economy on an even keel even when the rest of the world seems to be in a spin.

6. You want the best schools for your undergrads.

Virginia has 3 of the top 40 public colleges and universities in the nation: University of Virginia (#2), the College of William and Mary (#6) and Virginia Tech (#27). But that’s saying nothing of all of other amazing schools, public and private – you can’t go wrong with a Virginia education.

7. And your under-undergrads.

For your pre-college crew, rest assured that good schools abound. Wallethub, an online financial site, ranks Virginia k-12 schools #7 in the nation.

8. You’re looking for a great place to retire.

Maybe it’s time to be closer to the grandkids. Virginia is the perfect place to land when you’re ready to put your feet up. Forbes named Blacksburg one of its top places to retire in the nation thanks to a cost of living 7% below the national average, low crime and good housing. Williamsburg tops the U.S. News and World Reports list for historic places to retire. Did you know that senior citizens can take up to 3 free classes a year at William and Mary?

9. You’re an entrepreneur.

Forbes has ranked Virginia as #1 for best places for business. For you big business moguls out there, 23 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here.

10. You consider shopping a valid form of exercise.

Whether you’re looking for high-fashion shopping or just a day out antiquing, Virginia has some of the best finds on the East Coast.

11. Or you take your exercise very seriously.

For those of you with a competitive streak, Virginia hosts races of every kind – from marathons and triathlons to dress-crazy-and-jump-in the mud obstacle races. There’s something for everyone and no shortage of people to get out there and train with you. Did you know that Lynchburg hosts what is considered to be one of the toughest 10 mile races in the country? The Virginia 10 Miler.

12. Wine and cheese are two of your favorite food groups.

Virginia wine country is beyond compare. Our award-winning wines, 230+ vineyards and incredible countryside can’t be beat. Have some cheese with that wine – we have hundreds of locally made-in-Virginia cheeses available at farmers’ markets, specialty shop and nation-wide chain grocers. The only hard part will be choosing your favorite.

13. You like food in general. There’s down-home country cookin’ or fine dining in just about every part of the state.

We have some of the best BBQ, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken and country ham you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. Or try one of Virginia’s many fine dining restaurants. Our gourmet cuisine has hit the nation’s best restaurants lists more than once.

14. You don’t just like festivals. You love them.

Whether you’re looking for big city food and culture or small town celebrations, there’s a festival in just about every part of the state on any given weekend.

15. Cities or small towns – your choice.

If you want the fast track, big city life, you can have it. Northern Virginia is one of the nation’s top job growth areas and offers limitless options. But if you want a quieter speed, then take your pick of beautiful small towns where life is slower, but every bit as rich.

16. We have world-class healthcare.

Our hospitals are nationally ranked for care, including specialties like cardiology (Sentara Norfolk General) and neonatology (Inova Fairfax).

17. You like things that go fast. Both horses and cars.

Virginia horse country is not to be messed with. If you love horses, we have steeplechase, polo and countless horse shows and competitions. If NASCAR is your thing, we have the Martinsville Speedway, Richmond International Raceway and Bristol Motor Speedway. For Formula 1 and stock car racing, VIRginia International Raceway in Alton and the Virginia Motor Speedway in Jamaica, Virginia, fit the bill.

18. You support the troops.

Men and women in uniform are part of the fabric of Virginia. We were founded on a proud tradition of protecting our beliefs and today, Virginia has more than 20 military bases representing all 4 branches of the armed services, plus a strong National Guard presence.

19. Music makes you happy.

Bristol, Virginia is called the birthplace of country music for a reason. This is where some of the first commercial recordings were made with artists like Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family. We’ve taken it from there and now Virginia has a diverse and eclectic music scene with festivals for almost any genre, plus large commercial venues, small clubs and everything in between.

20. You can just be you.

Virginia is for lovers – and that means no matter who you are, what you love or how you choose to live your life, Virginia has a niche where you can belong. If you already live here, this blog hasn't told you anything you don’t know. So be sure to send this on to all of those friends and family members who you know would love living here as much as you do.

For more information on apartments in Lynchburg, VA contact Walden Pond.



Date Night Ideas In and Around Lynchburg!

Date Night Ideas In and Around Lynchburg!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Walden Pond Apartments, Lynchburg, VALive in an apartment in Lynchburg, VA and need some help with date night ideas? Here is a list of date night places in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas.

Academy Center of the Arts
600 Main St., Lynchburg

The Academy Center of the Arts is Greater Lynchburg’s center for arts, culture, and community building. Their mission is to serve our community through arts and culture. They do this through arts education, gallery shows, and performances by nationally renowned artists, local partner organizations, and our very own community members. The Academy is also committed to making sure the arts are available to all citizens despite economic restrictions.

Line Dancing
70 Mays Street, Madison Heights, VA
Head to the Madison Heights Ruritan Club for Line Dancing with Mary Kaye. Beginners at 6:30 pm and intermediate at 7:30 pm. Learn how to line dance or open dancing until 9:00 pm.

Beer Tasting
Craft Beer Cellar
3813 Wards Rd #6, Lynchburg

Join Craft Beer Cellar every Wednesday evening for Beer 101. This event explores a different beer topic every week along with a beer tasting.

Bikes Unlimited
1312 Jefferson Street, Lynchburg

Find a bike to meet your needs. Rent a bike and ride Lynchburg’s premier trails. Your bike will be in the best shape it can be at Bikes Unlimited. They also have many upcoming events.

Dinner and a Gun Class
147 Mill Ridge Road, Suite 207, Lynchburg

T4Tactics offers a "date night" class for couples. It is reserved on an appointment only basis with only one couple per class. Italian dinner, (or something nice that you both like) candle light, great table settings, and a waitress to take care of you. It features non-alcoholic wine all while learning firearm safety, shooting a handgun, and getting the paperwork needed for your concealed permit all in a relaxing and elegant setting.

Imagination Station
14805 Forest Rd #225, Forest

Imagination Station is a place to let your imagination run wild for all ages as you create unique pieces of art and cherished memories for years to come.

James River Adventures
150 Rocky Hill Rd., Madison Heights

Explore the James River by kayak or canoe. Just across the river from Downtown, James River Adventures offers canoe and kayak rentals to people of all skill levels. They offer opportunities for exploring and enjoying the scenic James River.

London's Salt Spa
6152 Thomas Jefferson Rd., Forest

Come enjoy the most unique, and relaxing 60 minute couples massage in their therapeutic Salt Cave. Call for dates and times. (Reservations highly recommended).

Lynchburg Brew & Wine Tour
(855) 446-7868

Come enjoy the local flavors of Lynchburg! Visit Magnolia Foods for appetizers and tastings, then to Bräuburgers for a pint of your choice, and top off the evening with a night cap and dessert at Craft Beer Cellar. All tours are open booking: book 1-14 people. Lynchburg Brew & Wine Tour includes: Roundtrip transportation from ilton Garden Inn eparture 6 pm return 10:30 pm, Appetizers & Dessert, and Beer and Wine tastings all for $49/person.

Lynchburg Humane Society
1211 Old Graves Mill Rd., Lynchburg

Every second Friday of the month, parents can drop off their kids ages 5-12 from 6-9pm and enjoy a nice night out together. Your kids can play with the pets, watch a movie, and eat popcorn while you have a date night! Cost: $15 for one child and $10 per each additional sibling.

Lynchburg Salsa
1019 Jefferson St, Lynchburg

Lynchburg Salsa offer salsa lessons and dancing on Thursday nights in historic Downtown Lynchburg. Lessons start at 8pm, followed by social dancing from 9pm-11pm. Cover charge of $5 gets you in for the whole night.

Movie Theaters
Regal Cinemas
3411 Candlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg, VA

Venue Cinemas (Dollar Theater)
901 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg

Phase 2
4009 Murray Pl, Lynchburg

Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment is a full service restaurant, concert venue. banquet and meeting facility. This venue features a variety of entertainment such as live music, dancing, comedy and more. Their entertainment events and music genres vary from night to night, check their schedule.

Tower Theater
1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg

Officially opened in August 2010 and located in Green Hall on Liberty University's Campus. The theater boasts 640 seats, a balcony and orchestra pit, catwalks, and a fly tower. In addition to student-produced work, the contemporary-style theater has housed productions such as Into the Woods, Les Miserables, Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid.



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