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Cooking for One in an Apartment

- Monday, March 18, 2013

One of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to cook at home rather than eat out. But if you live alone in your apartment in Lynchburg, VA this probably sounds easier than it is. Many people who live alone don’t like to cook for themselves, or they find that it just isn’t easy to cook for one.

Here are some cooking for one tips that will help you avoid days of leftovers and eating the same meals all the time.

Portions. It is easier to cook individual meals if you portion out the food after you go shopping. Buy or portion out individual chicken breasts, burgers or fish fillets. This way you can take out one at a time as you need them.  You can also freeze smaller portions of soup or sauces for when you need.

Prep before-hand. After grocery shopping, do your prep-work. Cut up celery, peppers and onions for sautéing during the week, wash the whole head of lettuce so you don’t have to wash it each time you want a salad, or you can make a large batch of rice to heat up with your meals all week.

One pot meals.  One pot or crock-pot dishes is an easy way to make dinner and keep the kitchen clean.  The crock pot will also cook for your while you are at work.

Plan your meals around one main protein. For example, make a few nights menu around a roasted chicken. Monday you can have roasted chicken, Tuesday night you can have chicken chili and Wednesday night make chicken soup or chicken enchiladas.

Another idea is to plan some meals around ground turkey; Monday can be turkey burgers, Tuesday can be lasagna, and Wednesday can be meat loaf night. This way, when you go to the grocery, you have meals planned and you know what to buy while shopping. This saves you money at the same time.

Do you have some favorite easy meals for one? If so, share them with us.