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Fun Indoor Play for your Dog

- Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If you live with a dog in an apartment in Lynchburg, VA, this has been a pretty cold, wet winter. Maybe this makes you feel like you can’t get enough time outside with your dog. There are some good, fun indoor activities to try with your dog when you just can’t get outside.

1.  Have a fun training session
You don’t need a ton of space to practice some basic obedience commands.   Focusing your dog’s attention is a great way to tire him out, improve his obedience and strengthen his bond with you.  Start simply and work up to a complex routine.  You’d be surprised at how following a sit-down-sit-down sequence can exhaust a dog.  Don’t forget the rewards!

2.  Hide and Seek
Hide your dog’s favorite toy and teach her how to find it.  Combine obedience and searching skills.  Put your dog on a down stay while you hide the toy and then use a release word to signal that she can start searching.  You can start with treats or a combination of treats and a toy.  As your dog gets better at finding the toy, make the challenge greater.  Eliminate treats and just use a toy; put out three bowls and hide the toy under one; ask her to stay in position for longer periods of time after hiding the toy.

3.  Go shopping
Dog boutiques, pet stores, and dog bakeries around Lynchburg are perfect places to visit with your dog.  Stroll up and down every aisle.  Let your dog sniff away.  Greet other visitors and employees.  Just make sure your dog is leashed and under control for your entire visit.

4.  Teach him a trick
Always wanted your dog to roll over and play dead?  Shake hands?  Sing?  Now’s the time to grab a pile of treats and start teaching!