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Walden Pond January 2015 Newsletter

Office Closure

The office will be closed on January 1st and 2nd for the New Year Holiday. Should you have a Maintenance Emergency please call (434)385-5060 and choose option 2.

Office Closure

The Walden Pond Leasing Office and Maintenance Department will be closed on Tuesday, January 13th for team training in Blacksburg. Emergency Maintenance work orders will be responded to by calling 434.385.5060 and pressing option #2. All other work orders and request will be responded to upon the teams return to Lynchburg.

Balcony Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Balcony Contest Winners! We hope you enjoy your gift cards and thanks to all of our residents that participated!

Information Change

Did you add a family pet for the Holidays or change room mates for the semester? Have you changed jobs or purchased a new car?

Let the Walden Pond Leasing Office know.

Please stop by the leasing office to fill out an information change sheet.

For questions regarding your lease, please contact the Walden Pond Leasing Office at 434-385-5060.

Snow Removal Policy

The Service Team will begin snow removal as follows: If snowfall predictions are for more than 3” then a first attempt at removal will begin prior to snowfall ending. If snowfall predictions are less than 3” then removal will begin as soon as snowfall ends.

If snowfall occurs overnight, removal of snowfall will begin no later than 6 a.m. Each resident is responsible to dig out their own car from the parking spot. PARKING IS NOT ASSIGNED.

Please be aware that if you clear a spot, it may not be available if/when you move your car. Be sure to park 2 feet from the sidewalk so that we are able to clear the sidewalks fully.

Updated Policy Regarding Community Amenities

Effective January 1st 2015, the cost to replace a lost amenity key (Key FOB) will increase to $75. This applies to a lost FOB only.

Broken or non-functioning FOB’s will be replace free of charge. FOB’s must be returned at the time of move out or risk a $75 replacement cost being billed at the time of move out.

Your opinion matters!

Go to www.waldenpondliving.com and complete a

Resident survey today!

Also, while there check out our Blog on Rent vs. Buy and other great apartment living information.

Holiday Decorations Removal

Please ensure to remove all Holiday Decorations from the front doors, breezeways, patios, and balconies by January 16th. As a friendly reminder, please do not store boxes or open potting soil on your patio/balcony. Resident’s may use patio furniture for outdoor entertainment; no household furniture is allowed on your patio and breezeways.

Top 5 Planning and Budgeting Tips for Grocery Savings

Don’t shop cheap; shop smart – maximize your grocery savings by paying less for the foods on your list. With our handy budgeting tips, you can join the new wave of coupon clippers and money savers at the grocery store.

Spend just a bit of time planning before your weekly shopping trip, and the savings may astonish you.

  1. Shop smart: make a list

    Make a list before you go to the store, and stick to it. Impulse items add up in a big way. Bring coupons only for items you actually need, and make fewer trips to the store. Not only will you spend less on impulse items each time you go, but you’ll save on gas, too.

  2. Clip grocery coupons and use local discount books or cards

    Maybe you haven’t clipped coupons for years. Maybe you never did. But economically challenging times call for extra measures, and coupons are just the way to keep your grocery budget in check. Truly, it’s like FREE MONEY.

    Check online sources for coupons that you can use at your local grocery store in addition to coupons available in weekly newspaper circulars. Some people claim to save 10% to 20% on their weekly bill—just by using coupons. To start saving, check out the coupons on www.couponcabin.com!

    Another great way to save money is with those school or community discount coupon books or plastic cards. You know the ones that offer everything from free car washes to two-for-one meals at local restaurants. Buy them and remember to use them. These booklets can pay for themselves with one or two uses.

  3. Buy in bulk for grocery savings

    Even with a small family, you can buy in bulk if the product can be shelved, frozen or refrigerated for some duration. If not, combine your food purchases with another family. You can save hundreds of dollars a year on everything from toilet paper to coffee and baking supplies.

  4. Frugal living: make it at home

    Seek recipes for dinner and lunch that have few ingredients, which generally translate to fewer dollars spent at the store. Saving money by making it at home also applies to your daily cup of coffee. Make a small pot for yourself in the morning and bring it along in a travel mug. You won’t believe how much you’ll save by skipping your morning stop at the espresso shop. One latte a day adds up to about $1,200 a year .

  5. Save money on meats for big grocery savings

    Resist the urge to buy expensive cuts of meat for casserole or soup recipes. Instead, purchase the most economical selections available.
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