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Walden Pond March 2015 Newsletter

Every Drop Counts

Help us conserve water in our community by checking out the following energy efficient tips.

  • Check faucets and pipes for leaks. Report any found to our office.
  • Turn off the water while washing dishes or brushing your teeth to avoid water waste.
  • Check toilets for leaks or constant running.
  • Use washer or dishwasher on full loads only.

Should you find any leaks or work order issues, please report them to our office immediately at (434)385-5060. One of our trained service technicians will be happy to help resolve the issue.

Resident Referral

Do you need some extra luck? Don’t forget Walden Pond offers a Resident Referral Program! Earn up to $200.00 for each 12 month lease signed! Also, you get to choose your neighbors by referring your friends and family!

*program subject to Management approval.

Treasure for Education

Please come by and drop off your Box Tops in our treasure chest! We will continue this collection throughout the 2015 school year. We have had a great response already, but always welcome more! Box Tops can be found on cereals, fruit snack boxes, cans of soup, and much more!

We Love Our Residents

Remember that April is fast approaching! We are excited about celebrating Resident Appreciation Month with you! Events and details will be provided soon.

Grilling Policy

As a reminder to our residents, grilling is not allowed on your patio or balcony area. Please move your grill at least 10 feet away from any buildings. Stationary grills are also located around the property for your convenience.

Tips for Your Home

  • Unplug small appliances (microwave, hair dryer, curling iron, computer) while not in use.
  • Turn off additional lighting when not needed or leaving the room.
  • Use insulated curtains or drapes. Make sure the backing is white.
  • Keep doors closed to avoid drafts.
  • Set your thermostat wisely.
  • Replace old bulbs with energy efficient ones.

Rent Our Clubhouse

If you would like to rent our Clubhouse, please get your reservations in today! Our clubhouse is a great spot to host Birthdays, Graduation Parties, Baby Showers, and much more. Time slots and dates are filling up quickly.

Call our office today for more information!

Certified Lifeguards

Walden Pond is seeking certified Lifeguards to oversee pool duties this summer. Candidates must be 16 years of age or older and be certified in Lifeguarding, CPR/AED and First Aid and maintain certification criteria for the entire season. Interested candidates should apply online at jobs.hhhunt.com. No certification? No Problem! HHHunt will be hosting a class in May at a date to be determined. Please contact the leasing office for more details.


Please note that rent is due by the close of business on the 5th of each month. Any payment received after 6pm, including online payments, will result in a $75.00 late fee. If payment is not received by this time, a 1st notice will be sent advising you have five days to make payment in full. If the account is still not paid, you will receive a 2nd notice at which time allows five additional days to make payment.

After these two notifications, if payment is not received in full, Walden Pond will file immediately for an unlawful detainer. This grants Walden Pond judgment for the amount due plus possession of the apartment. Rent can be paid by personal check, money order or online at WaldenPondLiving.com utilizing an e-check or credit card.

Snow Removal Policy

The Service Team will begin snow removal as follows: If snowfall predictions are for more than 3” then a first attempt at removal will begin prior to snowfall ending. If snowfall predictions are less than 3” then removal will begin as soon as snowfall ends.

If snowfall occurs overnight, removal of snowfall will begin no later than 6 a.m. Each resident is responsible to dig out their own car from the parking spot. PARKING IS NOT ASSIGNED.

Please be aware that if you clear a spot, it may not be available if/when you move your car. Be sure to park 3 feet from the sidewalk so that we are able to clear them completely.

Out of Office

Please be advised our office will be closed on March 3rd, 2015 from 11 AM to 2 PM for Employee training. Also on March 12, 2015 for our Annual Award Banquet. Should you have an emergency; please call our on call service technician at (434)385-5060, option 2.

Requested Resident Information

In order to make sure that our residents are being made aware of the laws governing personal property tax and vehicle registration requirements for the City of Lynchburg, the Commissioner of Revenue has requested resident information. Please be sure your vehicle inspections, registration, and addresses have been updated accordingly to ensure proper delivery of this information to your mailbox. This information was provided to the City of Lynchburg during the month of February as required pursuant to Virginia Code §58.1-3901. Should you have any questions, please call our office.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals must not be loaded too heavily. Feed items into the disposal slowly and in small quantities. The safety overload on the motor will shut off the unit if the disposal is overloaded. To reset the safety overload, wait three (3) or four (4) minutes for the motor to cool, then push the red or black button on the motor (in the cabinet under the sink). Any time the disposal is in use, cold water should be running as quickly as possible. Even after the disposal is empty, let the water run a few moments to clear the line.


PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD THE FOLLOWING ITEMS IN YOUR DISPOSAL: Metal, dirt, rocks, glass, plastic, grease, paper, cigarettes, bones, banana peels, oyster or clam shells, tea bags, dish rags, or corn husks. GUIDELINE: If you can’t chew it, neither can your disposal!

New Resident Portal


Enroll in automatic payments now through March 15th through our new Resident Portal and be entered to win $200 off April rent. E-Checks are now free of charge!

Contact the Walden Pond Team for more information or check out the Resident Portal for full details.

Walden Pond Apartment Homes | 1400-A Weeping Willow Dr., Lynchburg VA 24501
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