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Walden Pond September 2015 Newsletter

Office Closed

Please be advised that on September 7th, 2015 that our office will be closed for the Labor Day holiday. Should you have a maintenance emergency please call (434)385-5060 and select option 2.

Get Downtown

September 11, 6-9 PM

6 Blocks of Performances, Vendors, Crafters, Artisans and Local Cuisine

Pool Closing

Don’t forget the pool closes on September 7th, 2015!

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Want to get in on some awesome contests and hear about all the events going on at Walden Pond? Please like us on Facebook at Walden Pond Apartment Homes.

Maintenance Appreciation Month!

September is Maintenance Appreciation Month! So if you see one of our technicians doing a great job please let them know! Also, you can submit your feedback online at here.

*Also, please be reminded that this month begins a new round of preventative maintenance. Buildings will be posted as the maintenance checks are scheduled to be completed.

Fobs Everywhere

Okay, we have all been there with our gym fob key! But on a serious note, if you have lost your FOB key or yours doesn’t work please come by our office to register and get a new one. A replacement for a lost FOB is $50.00.

Fall Activities

Corncob Printing

Need: Corncobs, paper towel, paint, shallow container, and paper

Directions: Wash corncobs and allow them to dry for several days. Make paint pads by placing folded paper towels in shallow containers and pouring on yellow tempera paint. Have the children first roll the corncobs on the paint pads. Then let them roll the cobs across their papers to make prints.

Variations: Use a serrated knife to cut the corncobs in half. Let the children dip the cut off ends into the paint and press them onto their papers to make yellow corncob flowers.

Pumpkin Pie

Need: Aluminum Pie plates, orange paper, glue, pumpkin spices

Directions: Cut out from orange construction paper a circle that will fit a center of the pie plate. Next give the children glue and let them cover the paper center. Then give the children shakers filled with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, pumpkin spice. Have them really shake it onto the glue. Tap off excess and let it dry. Enjoy the fragrance.

Spooky Spider Webs

Need: Paper plate, pie pan, black paint, marble, spider ring

Put a paper plate in a pie pan and give the child a dab of black paint. You can also paint a paper plate black and do the activity with a white paint to look more realistic. After the small dab of paint is placed on the child's plate, drop a marble in and let the child move the pie pan in all different directions to make a spooky spider web. After it has dried, punch a hole in the plate and attach a plastic spider ring or sponge paint a spider in the web.

Stained Glass Leaves

Need: Fall Leaves, wax paper, warm iron (adult only), paper, scissors and glue

Directions: Gather some colorful fall leaves. Place a few leaves in an interesting arrangement between two pieces of waxed paper. Press gently with a warm iron (Adult Only). The waxed paper melts together, sealing around the leaf. Trim the waxed paper and glue a construction paper frame around it. These look great in windows, so the sun can shine through.

Leaf Shadow Paintings

Need: Construction Paper, Scotch Tape, Paper Leaf cut-outs, Paint Brushes, Paint

Cut out leaf shapes, enough for 2-3 per child. Scotch tape leaves to construction paper. Give each child a paint brush and paint and encourage them to paint over and around the leaf. When the paint is dry, carefully remove the leaves and the scotch tape to reveal leaf shapes.

Football Kick Off

Like us on Facebook and win a game day at the clubhouse in the month of September!

Walden Pond Apartment Homes | 1400-A Weeping Willow Dr., Lynchburg VA 24501
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