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We asked and you responded. Thanks for all the great feedback!

"Brett did an excellent job cleaning out the central air main ducting. Staff are very professional and competent performing tasks."

"Jared completed the job and left no trace that he was here (besides the survey card.) Always a great job from him!"

"Less than a few hours after I put in request, it was completed. "

"Awesome job! Thank you very much for the service. Have a great week!"

"I placed a maintenance request around 12:45pm and it was fixed in under 2 hours! I was very impressed and thankful for the efficiency!"

"Thank you so much for fixing my door so quickly! "

"The gentleman who addressed my service request did a wonderful job! I wasn't home but he left a very detailed description of all he had done/looked into. I very much appreciate his help, thoroughness, and professionalism! Thanks so much!"

"My roommates and I have put in multiple maintenance requests since we moved in. All of them have been taken care of promptly and professionally; the service technicians have always been kind, considerate, and knowledgeable. Special thanks to Robert B. and Brad O. for the most recent request!"

"Robert always does an excellent job and is very professional and friendly! "

"All I can say is Good Job"

"Excellent Service"

"My refrigerator stopped working last night. Called the after hours and was just hoping to have them take care of it first thing in the morning. George immediately came out and replaced the fan and checked back in this morning. Love and appreciate the great service, above and beyond. Thanks"

"Robert,Billy, and Brad were Exceptional!!!!! They Consistently provide first class service, even removing a wasp nest that made me nervous. They are the Best! Be sure and Tell them."

"Robert did a great job! My drain works great now. "

"I appreciate how fast they responded to my request. "

"Billy, very polite and mindful of the dogs. Answered all My questions. Thanks"

"George and Brad came last Friday to fix a window screen that was damaged in a storm, tighten a sink knob, and replace a light bulb on the ceiling fan. They always do a great job with skill, willingness to help, and cheerful attitude."

"Jared is the best!! George is good too."

"Jared Driskill always does an amazing job,always polite,informative,knowledgeable,a great people person. He does his job quickly and efficiently and always has a smile on his face. Out of all the maintenance personnel,he is the one I see and talk to the most,he always includes my children if they are curious about what he's doing and he's nice to my cats too. Jared is the best."

"Tornado hit our town. Office made sure trees were cleared and made the residents safety a priority. Brandy and her team worked insane hours and were unrelenting in their quest to make this community safe and functional. Walden pond has a great management team and a maintenance team that busts their ass to make sure things are done right and quick. I sincerely hope HHHunt is wise enough to keep these people in place and treat them as well as they treat this community."

"I was very pleased with the repairs made and the timely fashion they were made in."

"Such amazing service.Thanks to James,George and the whole team for perfect remodeling.They all did a fantastic job.Very pleasant to deal with."

"Jared is the best! He came right away, even though it was not an emergency, and was in & out. Thank you for quickly putting in my new light bulb!!! :)"

"Jared from the maintenance team did an excellent job with our maintenance call on 3/27! He was professional, kind, and respectful. Was very willing to even fix another problem that arose which was not originally on the list to fix. Jared, thank you for serving our community!"

"The technician went above and beyond what was required. He fixed the other toilet too."

"My concerns were addressed very quickly! And the service technician who answered my request was very kind and helpful"

"Robert and Jordan promptly came over last Saturday afternoon, just after hours. We had an issue with the upstairs tenants that needed attention. They both were extremely courteous and helpful in helping to resolve the situation. Then today, Monday, we met with Brandy, who further assisted us and was very concerned and professional. We appreciate everyone at Walden Pond!"

"We recently had a sink repaired by Jared and we were very satisfied with his work. We thought that he did a very good job with our request, both with the actual repair and in explaining to us what was going on. He was also very prompt and helped to fix the problem within 24 hours. We are very happy with what he's done to help!"

"Jared is awesome! He came in & fixed my light switch within 5 minutes. He used safety precautions and turned off the power in the bedroom before changing the switch out. Very professional and efficient. Thanks for his great service!"

"Maintenance is always helpful. Last time they fixed a smell from the dishwasher and weren't sure it would help, but it did, thankfully. This time it was the heat. They are also very nice to my cats!"

"Very quick and efficient service. "

"Thank you so much for fixing my bathroom light! Have a great day!"

"Great service, thank you."

"Thank you for fixing the problem so quickly. "

"My heat stopped working on a Sunday. I called the Emergency Maintenance line and the gentleman showed up within 20 min (was not expecting such promptness!). He was very professional, taking the time to explain the problem to me and how he fixed it. I felt bad calling him in on the weekend but he was nothing but professional and friendly. He was nothing less than awesome and I'm truly thankful for his quick fix!"

"I was here when the repair was done. Thus no card. Did the best he could and make sure I was comfortable overnight in the mean time."

"Robert went above and beyond in repairing the issues noticed before I moved in. I met him prior to move in date. He was very courteous and professional. He is a great asset to the maintenance team!"

"Service team was impressive as always. Thank you!"

"Excellent sink repair"

"Robert B. did an excellent job unclogging my shower drain. Thanks!"

"Over the past few days the maintenance team has taken good care of us. Took out our old appliances, put in nice new ones (even put some of our stuff back in the refrigerator for us.) They vacuumed after they finished and left the place clean. They worked until the job was done, well over 3 hours, to make sure it was complete to my satisfaction. Called for an adjustment to the water, they fixed that with no problem. Made another call about the new dishwasher and they came and fixed that too! Thank you so much guys! Kudos to Jared, Joshua and the rest of the crew. Y’all are the bomb!"

"The guys who come to do repairs are very nice, quick to respond and do a great job!"

"I was present when the work order was completed. The tech did a great job and even brought booties as I requested to help keep my carpets clean. I am always impressed with the kindness of all the staff at Walden Pond."

"Great job! Thanks. "

"I appreciate the quick response and high quality work of the maintenance team. You all do a great job!"

"Very prompt. Totally satisfied."

"As always, Brad O. did a great job and was polite and cordial."

"I would like to give a thanks to Jared who was fantastic as part of maintenance team going above and beyond - not just for me but for other tenants of Walden. In fact, I heard the same feedback from few of my friends at Walden who had other maintenance issue. "

"Robert B and Brad O checked my heat exchange and also replaced a lightbulb as I requested. So on a routine inspection they quickly responded to my request."

"Awesome service! We were home at the time so no need for a service card. Thank you!!"

"Amazingly fast service and immaculately clean"

"Robert and his associate were wonderful. They completed 2 repairs quickly and were very courteous the whole time. They made sure to ask us if we needed anything else and explained what they had done."

"We greatly appreciate the service that Brad provided for us today. He fixed our air conditioning system so quickly and efficiently. He was very friendly and knew what he was doing! "

"The card was not left because we were in the apartment. Brad did a wonderful job fixing our AC unit, and he was very quick for a complicated problem! Very kind as usual."

"Excellent work. I will let you know if the problem with the refrigerator returns, but so far so good"

"Britany in the leasing office is the best. She was very helpful in our move, and anytime we’ve had a question she was there. The maintenance staff are super friendly as well. The complex is beautiful and well kept."

"The repair was during a regular cabinet and filter inspection, so question 1 does not apply. They did a great job, and it was much appreciated!!!"

"I am just one of the residents of Walden Pond who is completely taken care of at all times by all of Mr. Little's staff. Mr. LIttle and all the men who work for him are so capable and outstanding."

"As always prompt and efficient service. Technicians name is Brad. Thank you"

"I have lived at Walden Pond for two months and couldn't be happier. I have a 2BR unit on the third floor of my building with mountain views. It's gorgeous and all the finishes and appliances are quite updated. (It is one of the refurbished units.) Definitely the nicest place I have ever lived. I rarely hear my neighbors. I do not have problems with insects, as some other reviewers have mentioned. Everyone I have met is friendly and almost everyone has pets, which I like. The pool is large and never crowded. One thing I really like about this community is the park-like setting. Lots of mature trees, flowers and a pond. It's really a much more beautiful setting than any other place I considered living. Extremely happy."

"Brad & Jared did an awesome job at making sure my thermostat got fixed. They went above & beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much!"

"Robert (Blond Hair Young Guy) came at the end of the day and serviced AC, dripping sick, and one blind in living room needed replacement. Did excellent job and very personable and professional"

"Billy was great, he even put a tray that had fallen out back in my refrigerator when the request was about the floor in front of my dishwasher."

"Jared.... was very nice and helpful.."

"I've never rented from a place with better service than here, "

"We called & they came within 10 minutes. When one worker couldn't figure it out 2 more came to make sure it was completed and fixed. Totally satisfied. Thanks!"

"We had an emergency service issue and the tech came quickly and was very personable and professional."

"Very good job, thank you!"

"Good work, quick, and always reliable"

"Great service as always.. M proud to be the part of Walden pond community"

"Jared did an excellent job. Left clear written record of what he did. Also, his work shows he took the time to really complete the job to the best of his ability, cared for the place like it was his own. Well done."

"All of the maintenance guys have been super helpful fixing our AC amd bearing with us! We are thankful for their help."

"Great job and quick.serviveService man exceptionally "

"Great job,we werent't home , everything left inplace. Billy/ Jared the best."

"Service card not necessary as I was here. Billy will be back with a new drip pan as one was defective. Excellent job with Billy and team."

"Love the service we receive! Always nice and trustworthy men who know what they're doing!"

"An excellent job as always"

"Thank you very much for the quick and excellent service."

"Your men were quick to respond and fix the problems which I greatly appreciate."

"I was there during the service. It was very prompt and effective."

"Very professional workmen. Thanks"

"Very quick response to my request! Thank you!"

"I'm always pleased with the maintenance service. They do a great job!"

"Love living here, I always recommend it if I know someone who is apartment searching. The building updates were a great surprise, and I'm so thankful y'all could do it without raising rent prices!"

"I was home but the workers were very polit and efficient."

"Excellent as always "

"Thanks Brittany! George you do such fine work! :)"

"Robert B. is the best! Thank you so much for your great work and friendliness!"

"very respectful, clean, kind"

"The service technicians are very polite and respectful. Congratulate them for us."

"Robert and Billy did a great job!"

"Thank's for the quick response! "

"I always appreciate service team does exvellent jobs always.. Kudos team"

"They came and put a light bulb in my hallway. They were here very fast after I called, and had it changed in just minutes!"

"Rob did a great job as always!"

"The Walden Pond staff, from the office the maintenance workers is outstanding. Efficient, thorough, and caring. While the apartments are dated several decades, the staff does a great job taking care of facilities and taking care of residents. Easily the premier apartment community of Lynchburg!"

"Thanks for Quick response"

"The repairs were done quickly which I greatly appreciate. The follow up visit to check if everything was as it should be was also appreciated."

"Work completed quickly and effectively. Job well done."

"They never had to enter the apt. They did fix the outdoor lights in a very timely manner"

"Very impressed with the quick turnaround. Greatly appreciated."

"We wanted to thank your service team for all the excellent work they have done for us over the last 6 months. We would still like to have our stove drawer fixed when it is possible. Other then that, we are very pleased with the service and the management here at Walden Pond. "

"Fanstasic service!"

"Rob always does a excellent job!"

"Well done! Thank you! "

"I was out of town when the service was completed. Walden Pond Maintenance I trust to enter my apartment when I am not home"

"Thank you so much for all that you do! Merry Christmas!!!"

"Very nice service! Thank you so much!!"

"Service was handled within 24 hours, so there was no delay to report. I was pleasantly surprised it was already handled so quickly."

"Good job as always"

"Your service team did an excellent job. We had an emergency call for our heat on Saturday and it was taken care of immediately. The service team member was very kind and happy to help despite having to be on call on a Saturday."

"Very friendly. Answered all questions and was fast at fixing the problem but took time after to explain why it wasn't working."

"Very friendly. Explained how to fix the problem myself if it comes up again."

"George, Billy, and David all assisted in repairing and replacing the gas valve in our home. Their prompt response was amazing and their follow-up was exceptional. They made us feel so secure that this problem was immediately resolved. We appreciate their expertise."

"Best maintenance crew! "

"Kudos for Robert."

"It was well done and thank you for your Work."

"Took maintenance less than 10 minutes to get to my apartment after I called in. Very impressive, very appreciated."

"Super quick, professional, and friendly service. I'm very happy."

"Rob is awesome! Always does great work."

"Thanks for the speedy and friendly service!"

"Best maintenance team in Lynchburg!"

"David always does outstanding work as well as all your maintenance guys. Your blessed to have them!"

"David Boone seems to be the guy who always comes to fix things for me. Does a great and complete job every time. I very much appreicate his help!"

"I cannot state that the problem is resolved; however, the attempt to resolve the problem was done to my satisfaction. I do appreciate the fact that Dave was sent to work on the problem within 24 hours. It will take time to know if the damp smell from the AC/Heat unit is no longer present. I am grateful that Dave was sent because he is an experienced and knowledgeable tech. He is also very nice and I trust him in my apartment, so that when he was working on the AC/heat unit, I left the apartment and took my dogs outside"

"Really fast response"

"GREAT JOB done my NICK!"

"Thank you for the immediate attention to the heating problem. The two men fixing the problem was very courteous , took time to make sure everything worked before they left. I appreciate their time and talents."

"The two men who came out were amazing! I could tell they really cared and wanted to fix the problem as quick and efficient as possible."

"I was present when the service was rendered. Excellent!"

"George, the maintenance guy, was of great help! He got here Hickey and fixed the problem in no time. He is one of the friendliest guys I've met. He was respectful and confident, and said "thank you" even though he did the work. Good job sir! Thanks"

"I was here when Dave came. He was very polite and the screen runs well on the track now."

"The two repairs I needed were fixed very quickly"

"They were here very very quickly to fix my heater. Just a typical great job!"

"Service tech was courteous, prompt&professional, thanks!"

"thank you you responded fast---and the stove which was not on the work order is being repaired no card was left"

"I appreciate the prompt service!!"

"The gentleman doing the repair was very courteous.!"

"Best maintenance team in Lynchburg!"

"Within 30 minutes of plaving the work order someone was fixing it up and I was thoroughly impressed with the speed and quality of it."

"David always does outstanding work as well as all your maintenance guys. Your blessed to have them!"

"The maintenance department has always been good."

"Rob always does a superb job. Very personable. He fixed the stove issue but couldn't find where the bugs are coming into our apt. However, he did make sure that the exterminator comes & sprays to help w/ the problem. THANKS ROBERT!"

"Very quick response, replaced old smoke detector, great work!"

"The maintenance man was great! Very friendly and did an outstanding job!"

"I was very pleased with how quickly the service team responded to my request. And was able to get a replacement fridge within the same day."

"Great service and fast!"

"Our A/C went out early on the evening of Sept. 9th. I notified maintenance and they responded promptly. Thank you for such great service and a quick repair on a hot day"

"George McGrath did a great job on the problem I called about. He also fixed another problem with my AC that I wasn't aware that I was having. Thanks George you did a great job."

"Billy always does an excellent job! Very happy with his work and professionalism :-)"

"Great job and explanation of the problem. "

"My wife and I were very pleased with the quick and efficient job that was done. Thank you!"

"I appreciate the prompt service and the courtesy of the maintenance staff."

"George McGrath did a great job on the problem I called about. He also fixed another problem with my AC that I wasn't aware that I was having. Thanks George you did a great job."

"Excellent job! Thank you!"

"Billy is always very professional and thorough with repairs! He's also really patient with our unruly puppy- thanks for the great work, Billy!"

"He came immediately which saved me because I was locked out! "

"Robert did an excellent job & I appreciate how quickly he responded to the work order request. Very helpful."

"Robert did a great job! He also asked if we needed anything else taken care of, prior to leaving. Thank you, Robert!"

"I didn't have any major issues and I was home at the time he came, but he was very understanding and helped out with the concerns I had and took the time to bring items I needed."

"Very quick and unexpected! Even brought a package I had at the door inside so that it didn't sit outside all day while I was at work!"

"Billy did a great job! He was very friendly and professional. "

"The doorknob was fixed within 1 hour. Very grateful!"

"Great job! Very speedy and really appreciated you stopping by. Thanks so much!"

"I appreciate the technicians quick response."

"The man who came to do my work order was wonderful, nice, and efficient. "

"The service team quickly fixed the problem with the A/C and it seems to be working much better now than it was before. Thank you!"

"Excellent service.. keep up the good work. walden pond is clean and green."

"My issue was taken care of sufficiently and in a timely manner. "

"The maintainance professionals are always stellar, polite and professional in their demeanor."

"We can always count on our service team to provide the very best service! David is very knowledgeable and always friendly and gets the job done quickly!"

"Did a quick, excellent job!"

"Thanks so much for taking care of this so quickly!"

"The technician Robert, was very responsive, friendly and caring. "

"Friendly and courteous staff, job done quickly and done well. Thanks!"

"Service was timely and thoughtful."

"Great Job by the Service Team.Very nice and helpful."

"Nothing but the best! Billy is great! Thanks"

"Nick, service tech, is the best! He was so nice and so efficient. "

"Although the job isn't quite finished yet, they were quick to get here and solve the problem and all of the people I spoke with were very kind. 10/10 service."

"David Boone was very helpful and friendly and I am so grateful to him for coming over late at night to repair my thermostat. I also appreciated that he took the time to explain what was wrong with my furnace as he was fixing it. I am happy to have had his help. Thank you David!"

"The man that helped us was amazingly courteous and efficient. "

"The Service team at Walden Pond always does a great job. "

"They were extremely efficient and quick to attend to the situation."

"Thank you so much! My dishwasher was fixed in five minutes and up and running. Thank you for the fast response! (No service card but I was right there the whole time)"

"Excellent service, professional and courteous."

"The gentleman did a great job and was very friendly. I was very pleased with his work and great full for the job he did."

"Service request was completed within just 2 hours. Kudos to the good work!!!"

"Maintenance team are fantastic professionals and I cannot enough positive things about them"

"We love the maintenance department! They are always so great, quick, and efficient!"

"David did an excellent job on the AC unit and checked in the next day to make sure it was working right!"

"Really appreciate the quick service"

"I was present during his visit. His service was excellent!! Thank you!!"

"Fantastic service"

"I rate you guys 5 stars. you guys fixing things like Flash the hero."

"They did a splendid job. Didn't leave until they found & rectified the problem. Great job guys!"

"Maintenance staff is responsible, respectful, and timely. They are respectful of my things/furniture and never complain (even when i forget they are coming and leave my apartment cluttered, oops!). They never leave a mess or anything damaged. I appreciate the efforts of the maintenance staff to keep WP such a wonderful place to live!"

"He completed all request updates for my place. Thank you very much. All finished. Great work complex only praises."

"We had a terrible leak from our washing machine last night around midnight and within an hour we had someone out here to help clean up and find the problem. Our service was fast, professional and friendly. We are very pleased with how kind our maintenance man was and how knowledgable he was with the problem we had. "

"Only wasn't left because I was home :) they were very nice and knowledgeable! Thanks :)"

"Thank you so much!!Seemed like a lot of work to reset toilet. Did excellent work - Thanks guys"

"Always there when we needed!! Great work "

"My request was tended to within 2 hours of being filed and I was very pleased with the Service Crew. Thank you!"

" The service was great as always! "

"Great Service!!! The job was done perfect. No complaints on my part."

"We are very satisfied on the service request that was completed and how fast it was taken care of just makes my family so happy. Walden Ponds staff is so professional its always a pleasure communicating with them."

"So thankful for the hard work of the maintenance team! "

"Billy and David are great! They always do outstanding work! Thanks for new AC unit, works like a charm!"

"David did a great job....you all have a beautiful beautiful complex / community.... The grounds keeper does an awesome job."

"Excellent service! Friendly, helpful staff!"

"Thank you for your service and friendly demeanor!"

"David Boone did a phenomenal job. He is great. Let me thank you for sending him. I really do appreciate the prompt service"

"Person to person communication. Under 2 hours completed. Excellent. "

"Thanks for Quick Response"

"Thank you for all your help!"

"I want to say thank you to D. Boone and B. Rice for their quick response to my maintenance request. Now my refrigerator works without dripping."

"Work by the team here is always done promptly and the apartment is always left in a good, clean condition."

"Walden Pond is a great place to live. I love the community's atmosphere! "

"Billy the Service Technician answered my emergency call on Sunday morning about 8:30 AM. My heating unit was emanating a burning smell and he spent about 3 hours correcting the problem. He was very professional and did not leave the premises until he was sure that the heating unit was working properly. Thank you for Mr. Billy!"

"Thank you for your help. I appreciate it so much!"

"Great and quick job"

"Thank you! The odor block has definitely helped my living room!"

"As always, the maintenance team responded quickly, did their job well, and were so nice and professional! I wouldn't know what to do without them!"

"Problem fixed quickly"

"Our service was outstanding, as usual. Thank you!"

"Billy is always so pleasant and helpful! I really appreciate how thorough he is when do work on the apartment"

"I am so thankful for out Maintenance team! They are always so friendly and get things done right away"

"So I threw my keys in the dumpster by total accident and the wonderful maintenance guy named Alec just climbed into the dumpster like a monkey and rescued my keys! He was very professional and kind! Definitely saved my day! He's the best!"

"Damien is a #lifesaver #waldenpondlife #newlocks Thanks for the speedy fix!"

"Thank you to Damian T for all of his hard work!!"

"I have always been very satisfied with the maintenance help I have received here. Thank you for everything!"

"As always I am impressed by the ease with which I was able to report the problem and the rapid response time with the fix."

"The maintenance guys here are great!"

"The service was quick and the quality of the work on my closet door was great. Thanks!"

"Good job, Quickly done"

"I love the maintenance team at Walden Pond!"

"Those guys rock!"

"Service was excellent! Alphonse Destin and Damian Thomas were awesome! They replaced our refrigerator very quickly with no trouble at all - they even brought us a fridge bigger and better than our old one! They were extremely polite and courteous! There was a stain left behind on the carpet from the old fridge, but they assured us that the carpet cleaner guy would come by and clean it as soon as possible. Over all, they did a wonderful job - no complaints! Thanks so much!!!"

"Great job"

"I always appreciate how courteous and efficient the service team is any time they come out to help. Yesterday was no different! Thanks, guys, again!"

"Maintenance team is always #flawless"

"Great work! Thank you!!!"

"Thank you Service Team for replacing the washer and dryer in such a quick time-frame. We appreciate your assistance. Have a wonderful day!"

"I thought that I was getting the washer repaired a 2nd time. I was pleasantly surprised when told that I would get a new set. As usual everyone was professional and courteous.Go WD Team"

"Thank you for quick action for your team !"

"Keep up the good work "

"Awesome job done by the maintenance team. You've made our lives so much more easy. We don't ever have to worry about a thing living at walden pond. Kudos to you guys!!"

"I was home when he came by. It was a simple repair, but the team almost always comes in quickly, does their job well, and leaves everything clean. They are always very nice and professional. They love my dog almost as much as she loves them too!"

"David Boone came to my apartment on Sunday to take care of the situation at hand and he was extremely efficient, kind, and friendly. Billy came and helped on Monday as well, and took care of the issues expeditiously. I appreciated their help and they took care of the leak in my apartment. Thank you! "

"Very timely and good service"

"The Office staff and Maintenance staff are awesome! Thank goodness for Chase. He did a great job correcting the problems with my washer and dryer. I am now able to dry and wash my clothes in my apartment home instead of having to travel to the laundry mat to care for them. Thanks Chase!"

"Excellent maintenance response!"

"On 10/19 chase came to replace my smoke detector with new ones. Yesterday chase came and notice that I needed new smoke detectors and he return today prompt and replaced them. Job well done!!!!!"

"As always, Alphonsi Destis was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable about the task. The office staff are also very courteous and efficient in handling requests."

"They fixed the drain so quickly! My roommates and I were really thankful for their service."

"I have been here almost 4 yrs & have received great service under James Little maintenance supervisor. I have received prompt response, problem fixed, always with respect & friendliness, with follow up. I came home after all day surgery to find a new kitchen with Alphonsi Destin & Damian Thomas doing great work. Alphonzi showing up immediately to ask if all ok. WOW!! Staff has always helped me in emergency situations...Brandy Purvis helped old me get help digging out of 12 " of snow when I needed immediate medicine for my disabled son. Brittany Shipp & Jennifer Broady helped me when my neighbor friend was unexpectantly hospitalized & allowed me to take care of her dog as well as take necessary clothes, phone & school work to her in hospital. All staff greet me happily and make me want to stay renting here. Thank you for the respect & friendliness of this staff."

"Alphonsi is the best! He always goes above and beyond when taking care of our maintenance needs. He's professional and friendly, and he always says hello whenever I see him around. I really feel like he is someone I can trust to provide quality service."

"Billy did a great job with the door. I was having difficulty locking it up this morning, and now it works like a charm! Thanks, Billy, for your expeditious work!"

"Damian excellently sanded the kitchen today. #flawless"

"They are doing excellent job every time "

"Alphonsi Destin did a great job replacing the vertical blinds. He came last week and fixed an issue with our kitchen sink."

"We have had excellent service with everyone that has been here to help. Thanks to Alphonsi, and the rest of the maintenance crew that works so hard for the entire apartment complex."

"Alphonsi came to fix our oven, he noticed that we could really use a newer one seeing as ours was one of the originals. He said he would keep an eye out for a newer one. Sure enough he comes back the next day with Damian to instal the newer oven for us, ours before was really broken. They were fast, efficient, kind, gracious, and helpful. We couldn't thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication to their jobs! I told them in person and I will say it again, we have lived many places but the maintenance team here at Walden Pond goes above and beyond and is the best we've ever encountered."

"Alphonsi is absolutely incredible! We cannot thank him enough for all his hard work and dedications he was been wonderful and has responded to many of our requests. He always goes above and beyond and always has a kind word to say. He is hard working and dedicated. We appreciate all his work and that he always has a smile on and is willing to help in any way possible. He goes all out and never leaves if there is something more he can do!"

"We had Alec fix a drawer and a doorknob, His service was Perfect. He fixed the two items like the pro he is, even taking time before lunch. The maintenance team is so reliable, the best attitudes and so helpful!"

"It wasn't something that could be done in 24 hours. Very quick response. Billy & David are great"

"Very fast response and excellent service. I'm impressed."

"My request was for use of the Clubhouse to host an office retreat. Brandy and her staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating. From walking me through all of the steps required for booking down to making sure that we had everything we needed the day of, I was incredibly happy with my experience. We also received a lot of positive feedback from the staff members in our office on how much they enjoyed the space and how comfortable it was. As a current resident, I was proud to say that this is where I call home! Thank you all again for everything! "

"1. Air Conditioning issue 2. Hot Water Heater 3. Needed new cover for lamp mounted above kitchen sink. All services were taken care of in a fast and complete manner. NOTE for the record: I have been an 8 year resident of Waldon Pond and I can say that I have NEVER received bad response times or bad repairs on any issue I have called in. Thank you!!!"

"It's so nice to see the many upgrade improvements that are taking place here. Also, everyone on staff is so friendly and helpful, that includes maintenance who are here for us 24-7. That in itself means a lot and you can depend on them to follow through. guess these things and more are the reasons I'm back here after a 16 year absence, and is what's keeping me from going anywhere else."

"I very much appreciate the after hours assistance and next day follow up to resolve the issue."

"Dave, the WP service tech, did replace a part so that the washer will now work, however, he had to order a different part for my washing machine. I can still use it until the part (the center piece agitator) arrives. He also fixed my bathroom sink and tub from stopping up. Dave was very polite and very nice. "

"Water leak from apartment above, A/C froze up. staff at Walden Pond was on it immediately. Very helpful and apologetic....."

"Brandy Purvis contacted me last week asking if i wanted new cabinet. These cabinets and countertops were put in 7/29 and they look awesome, i appreciate the upgrade. Thank you walden."

"The service team has been nothing but wonderful and helpful since we moved it. We are very thankful for them."

"Alphonsi Destin has, yet again, performed his tasks with accuracy and a desire to please the resident. He has always been available and his demeanor is welcoming. There is no task to trivial that he will not graciously undertake."

"I just wanted to give a quick "thanks" for Brandi's help in getting my carpet shampooed earlier this month. She really worked with me in terms of arranging the visit - both in rescheduling it on very short notice and giving me a courtesy call when the workers were here. I think it’s very easy for the term “customer service" to become an abstract concept and overused buzzword. But Brandi’s help saved me time, effort and (ultimately) money because I was able to miss very little work and still be present to keep an eye on my pets. Much appreciated! "

"Prompt, efficient and courtesy responses."

"Damian T did such a great job. "

"Everything was wonderful! We love it here, great staff and great community. "

"Excellent job. Mr. A. Destin ordered the part we needed and fixed all other things promptly. He was also kind to our toddler who wanted to "help" him!"

"Damian Thomas was extremely efficient and helpful taking care of our maintenance needs! He was knowledgable of what steps needed to be taken and understanding for the comfort in our apartment! He arrived within the hour of our request. We are highly satisfied with his response!"

"Brittany was super sweet, and beyond helpful. She went above and beyond my expectations for customer service while looking at apartments."

"Alphonsi Destin was called to check on our AC. He has always gone above and beyond and been so considerate of us. His manner and pleasant demeanour is just one of the many reasons this is such a wonderful environment."

"Alphonsi was on top of things when my refrigerator was failing. He came quickly yesterday to check the temperature, and after checking the temperature today, replaced my fridge. He and his his team made the switch, and loaded my food into the new unit in a careful manner. I'm very pleased with the service."

"Best first impression and superb service, feel very welcome here. :) "

"Curtis and David had my A/C up and running in no time. "

"It was very easy on move out day which was much appreciated! Might just recommend a fact sheet for corporate suite folks. i.e.: how to set AC on move out, what to do with certain trash items. I was able to get all my questions answered from maintenance. They were very professional as always. "

"Damien came in to my apartment after I let him in and was nice and kind allowing me to let him know what needed fix. He went above and beyond to make sure that everything was fixed before leaving! He rocked!"

"Thank you for such QUICK service."

"Repaired the air conditioning in very little time. Was polite and courteous."

"The maintenance guy did what needed to be done in very little time, and was very polite and nice. He gave excellent service."

"We finally were able to attend one of the community events here at Walden Pond. We had an enjoyable time and dinner. We were happy our neighbor across from us was able to join us. Thank you again."

"Prompt response and personable service by Maintenance. Great communication with Rental Office."

"Excellent job, as always. Thanks!! "

"Damian and Alec did a great job and are very friendly!!"

"Both the office staff and maintenance staff work very well together"

"I appreciate the honesty of the staff."

"Brandy was amazing! Really took care of us "

"we were visiting for the purpose of helping our 24 year old son find an apartment, so she did not ask me to become a resident per se, our son however is very excited an Brandy is hoping a specific unit opens that she knows would be a good fit for him."

"Brandy Purvis did very good and sold us on a two bedroom can't wait to move in"

"I love Walden Pond and recommend it to all my friends!"

"I was in the apartment when Damian came to replace my mini-blind. He worked quickly, was very polite, explained what he was doing, and waived the cost of the blind for me, which I appreciated very much!"

"We Love living here!!! The grounds are beautiful. There are so many beautiful trees all around the property. Our apartment is really our home. It is so spacious and everything is so clean. I would highly recommend this community as one of the very best."

"Damian came and put in a new air filter and some odour block, said if it doesn't help to call and he will come back and help. Great customer service!"

"Even if I need help with something on the weekend, Damian or Alec will help!!! This is outstanding service. We tell others how pleased we are with everything here. Especially the service team."

"Anytime I need service, the maintenance team is Always very prompt and very courteous to help. They go above and beyond to assist you. Extremely pleased."

"The walden pond maintenance crew is very courteous, approachable and helpful.Thanks!"

"Damian fixed our patio door handle quickly and did a very good job with ensuring the door worked properly before he left."

"As usual, the service was everything I hoped for and more. The workers (Billy and David in this case) were helpful, prompt, efficient, friendly and professional. Keep up the good work!"

"Brittany Shipp is a fantastic rep. Whenever I would call to walden pond to discuss any matter I would specially ask to speak with Brittany. The process from start to finish has been absolutely painless and a wonderful first apartment experience!"

"Staff very helpful"

"Very nice place and lovely staff, especially Jennifer."

"very satisfy!"

"Compliments to Billy Rice for a professional and courteous response in completing a recent work order to replace a faulty blind in my kitchen window. Thank you Billy for your excellent service."

"Everyone was so friendly and helpful! Vey excited to be moving to Walden Pond!! :)"

"Great job as always! "

"Thanks to Brandy for squeezing me in at the last minute. Outstanding job by her on showing the apartment"

"Thanks to David Boone! I really didn't think all of the items would be done today but they were. I have always felt WP has a great Maintenance team the ten years I lived here before and the almost 2 years I have lived here this time. Thanks for great service!"

"Ms. CeCe and Ms. Janette do a very good job of cleaning the fitness center and around my apartment. I noticed today how clean everything was and I just wanted to say thank you for their hard work! "

"we are very pleased with the entire staff keeping the snow and ice cleaned up. Also the sidewalks and stairs salted"

"I've lived at Walden Pond for three years and have always been impressed with the professionalism of the front office staff and the maintenance team. I stopped by the office and spoke with Richard about my service request and within 10 minutes he had someone at my apartment and Damian T. fixed my problem right away. You have a great team here who represents your company in an outstanding manner. It's a pleasure to call Walden Pond my home."

"Very nice gentleman. Excellent quick service. I was not expecting anyone to come in so quickly!"

"Very happy with service here"

"Every single person in this office is as profession and as polite as they possibly could be. I am always more than satisfied and happy to spend any time communicating with them."

"Damian Thomas fix the bathroom door and check other's while he was here for any other problems everything was all good"

"Jennifer was kind and courteous. She answered all of questions with a smile and met all of our needs. She's the bomb."

"Very friendly and informative"

"The Service is Very good,Fast and Professional. I enjoyed a lot while my 2.5 years of stay in this APT. I refer this Apartment for all resident who want to stay in Lynchburg. Rating is 10 out of 10. "

"The maintenance Team has gone the extra extra mile. This is our first winter here, and their sacrifice in snow renewal was extraordinary!. They were out in the weather, which was bitter cold, to clear sidewalks and the parking lot. Excellent job!!!!!"

"Not that I've needed much in the way of maintenance, but Wow, they really get it done. Always clean and skilled and friendly. The work is accomplished so quickly. They even helped hang a picture for me that was too high for me to reach. They are a valuable team here to serve you. Having an efficient team available 24hrs a day is priceless."

"Heater broke and they were quick to come out the same day and fix it!"

"Curtis did great fixing my heater!"

"I compared multiple complex's before renting at Walden Pond and I am very pleased with my decision."

"During a call from the office seeing if the apartment is doing well, I mentioned having a small draft from the kitchen window and that same morning, maintenance came by and replaced my screen and repaired the window."

"The project was a necessity for my apartment and the service team was great about making me know the importance of the project to them and developing an effective plan of attack. Special thanks to Alec Gillman and Richard Parks on a great job and for their hard work and dedication! "

"Excellent - Alec was very professional and service quick and explained. "

"Staff was very helpful and extremely flexible"

"Richard is the best, anytime we need anything within guidelines he makes sure that it happens. It pleasant, courteous, and truly cares about us the residents."

"Love it here at Walden Pond. I hope to be here a long time. The staff is wonderful also."

"Cece & Janette are very good workers and they help take out our trash. They are very good, friendly and hard working ladies."

"David Boone has come on multiple occasions to my residence and has always acted professionally and completed work well."

"Excellent customer service from our maintenance technicians, Billy Rice and Alec Gilman."

"Service was done by Mr Damian & Mr Alec and they did a perfect job. Thank You"

"Brandy and Richard have been the best to me. They have work with me through all my money problems. They always have a solution, never judge or made any negative comments toward me. I have lived in many apts never have I seen anyone like Brandy or Richard bend over to help a resident like the two of them has. They are a big asset to your team"

"Damian Thomas was wonderful. He was in good spirits and explained to me what the problem was."

"Both Alphonsi Destin and Curtis Ray did an excellent job providing their assistance."

"Very proficient, professional, and helpful!"

"Friendly and helpful staff!"

"Damian and Alex are great guys. They are always polite and professional. Thanks to everyone at Walden Pond. I love living here!"

"Damian and Alec did a great job and put everything back the way it was found. Good service"

"Everyone is wonderful, always happy & willing to help. Alphonsi Destin was very efficient in replacing our thermostat to digital."

"Maintenance team was very nice and helpful"

"thanks for the quick response!"

"Billy & Alec repaired my disposal that wasn't working. I called in the morning and that same day they came and fixed it. By the time I was home in the afternoon, the disposal was repaired and working perfectly. As always I'm always glad to have Billy & Alec around helping with any needs I may have. They are both very quick and efficient. On the chance that I do get to see them in person they are always pleasant to be around. Billy also helped me jump my car when my car battery died. He took the time out of his day to get his jumper cables to get my car up and running again. Most importantly this was while he was not even working! He was off work at this time and still helped me. He is a very helpful gentleman, and I'm glad he is nearby at a moment's notice at Walden Ponds."

"Alec and Billy did a great job they were friendly, prompt, and efficient in getting the heat working and stopping the leaky faucet"

"Damian and Alec did a wonderful job finally sealing the toilet from running!"

"We were assisted immediately on the move-in day. Bill was especially helpful."

"Great service"

"Thank you DeAshley and Brittany. "

"Pleased with the prompt and fast service given "

"This maintenance staff is really good."

"Still happy after 22 years! Thanks!!"

"I just wanted to give an extra "thank you" to Curtis and Garrett for helping me get into my car the other day. I had locked my keys in my car and was trying to maneuver a coat hanger through a cracked window to get my vehicle unlocked. They saw me and took the initiative to come over and help. Within a few minutes they fished out my keys for me. Well done and greatly appreciated!"

"Alec Gilman was a very nice guy. He fixed our first issue Saturday very quickly (a ruining toilet) then returned Monday with materials to complete the service request (replacing leaky gaskets) on Monday. Everything works fine now. I've always been pleased with the service I receive here at Walden Pond. "

"This was my first time getting an apartment, and the staff at Walden Pond was extremely helpful throughout the process."

"We are very comfortable in our dwelling. The staff is friendly and eager to please. We have been Residents since May 2000."

"Good community to live at."

"It's all wonderful! "

"Thank you for this party! The food was great & I enjoyed meeting the other residents."

"I like the new gym. :) "

"I would like to stay at Walden Pond as long as I am in the US. I like the staff and their warmth."

"Billy and Alex did an excellent job repairing my bathroom exhaust fan."

"We really love how nice the employees and office people are. The are very pleasant people to work with. There generosity was just a beautiful thing to witness. Walden Pond is a great place to live."

"Alec and Damian did a great job."

"Alphonsi Destin and Curtis Ray are fantastic. They installed a new backsplash and hood over the new range they installed last week. I had a couple other items that needed fixed while they were here, and they completed them while they were here. These two guys are terrific!! They are always smiling and polite. The crew here at Walden Pond is outstanding. This is the best apartment complex in Lynchburg!"

"The team that came was very helpful and worked quickly to take care of our problem. We are very thankful for them and their service."

"After some range and fridge issues, I received an early Christmas gift yesterday. A new fridge and range was installed in the kitchen. The gentlemen who installed the appliances were very nice, efficient and professional. No matter what anyone may say to the contrary, Walden Pond is the best apartment complex in Lynchburg. Great staff, wonderfully maintained grounds and apartment units is something everyone can count on here. I love living here. Thanks to Richard, Kurt, Brittany, Jennifer, Ashley, and James, thank you for making this place great!! I wish I knew the names of the two gentlemen who installed the appliances. They were awesome!!"

"Excellent service"

"Alphonsi Destin was great! Good worker, solid individual."

"Called the emergency line at 6:30am this morning due to my heat not working. Thermostat set to 72 and it was 59 in my unit. Within minutes of me leaving a message the technician called to inform me he was on his way and would be there shortly. Within minutes of his arrival he had diagnosed the problem and had it fixed. Had it back working all well within an hour. I felt bad for having him out so early and wasn't expecting such a quick response. Technician was very polite, efficient, and professional. Thank you for your services!"

"This Place is a Fantastically Beautiful and Friendly Place to Live. It should be YOUR First Choice."

"Damian and Alec were my technicians. Super friendly, courteous and professional!"

"Just a note to let you know that CeCe Franklin and Jeanette Rucker are doing a fantastic job in keeping our building exceptionally clean. Their kindness and personal caring makes me very comfortable. Thank you ladies for your thoughtfulness! Judith J."

"James, Damian, Phonzi, and Alec helped my son who broke his ankle in two places get up and down the stairs and to get into the car for his surgery consultation. They went out of their way to help in this temporary situation that is very difficult. I love that the apartment complex has such a great group of guys on the maintenance team!"

"My technician Alphonse Destin did a great job and explained what caused the problem with my garbage disposal."

" Billy did a phenomenal job in repairing the faucet of my bathtub. I was having a tough time turning the handle, as it appeared to be rather fixed and resistant to rotation. Billy put on a new rotating knob piece and now the faucet of the tub turns on very easily. I appreciated his help. In addition to his visit he replaced one of the blinds that had fallen off in my living room. He did this without request, but rather he said he noticed I was missing one when walking by my apartment. He really went above and beyond, and he even re-calked the panel which housed the water piping from the previous request. He did a great job! As always, I am greatly pleased with the services provided here at Walden Ponds--speedy, friendly, and efficient! Thanks, Billy! - Joe"

"Very good people, courteous always. "

"Very helpful. Came back to check if the other guy had completed it fully, he had not so the guy who came back fixed it and was extremely thorough."

"So quick and courteous..maintenance and office /leasing staff are awesome"

"Damian Thomas was very friendly and did a great job we were very satisfied with his service"

"Damian and Alec did a wonderful job! They treated my apt. with respect as they did there job. They made me feel very comfortable and protected to have two complete strangers in my place of living. Great attitudes and quick work ethics!! Keep these guy on the team! "

"Mr. Destin Alphons responded to the maintenance request within minutes of submitting it via the automated phone service. He was extremely polite, courteous, and professional. He knew exactly what to do to remedy the issues we had as quickly as possible. HUGE, HUGE HELP!! Thanks again!!"

"The walden pond maintenance team always goes above and beyond to help my sister and I with anything they can. They are always so polite and willing to help with any problem there might be."

"Brandy was awesome!! Super helpful and fast service!!"

"Very pleased with the service. Alphonsi was very friendly and went above and beyond to to assist us."

"The apartment was absolutely SPOTLESS when I moved in! The entire process couldn't have been any easier."

"DeAshley Haythe was so welcoming, friendly, and a great tour guide. I'm very impressed with the community as a whole."

"I am extremely happy to note that my service request was honored first thing in the morning and the service by David was absolutely marvelous and reassuring. He not only did what was the request, but out of the way helped with my patio door and my son's cycle too. I wish to thank David for his help. I also am able to see its a very busy time of the year and it may take just a tiny bit longer to do it. Overall, they more than made up for the delay with exceptionally good service."

"Air Conditioning unit not working when I got home Friday after work on 06/20/14. Maintenance person came within the hour of my call. It took them a bit over an hour to replace condensor, but was happy they could get done before weekend. Very pleased with work. Service team very nice!"

"Very well kept,attractive apartments. Wonderful and friendly staff. Very promising!"

"Very impressed with staff and gorgeous community."

"Things went smooth and quick for move in. Always got a call back and emails in a timely manner."

"Damian Thomas went the extra mile and did a great job!"

"DeAshley was very nice polite and very helpful I wish more people was Ike her she was one reason why I decided to rent here plus all you had to offer was very well pleased"

"Brandy is a professional, kind and accommodating leasing agent. She makes me feel more secure about moving to VA and into these apartments."

"Very nice. Staff is courteous and polite. "

"What a wonderful staff and facility"

"Damian Thomas always does a good job when working in my apartment. He is speedy and always lets me know what he is doing to fix things and how long it will take."

"Leasing staff was very professional...patient....and friendly...apartment atmosphere is wonderful...Can't wait to become a resident!! Walden Pond Rocks!!!"

"Great place to live!!"

"Ashley was a very professional and helpful representative for Walden Pond. She answered all of our questions promptly and was very helpful. I hope that this is an indication for how our time here will be."

"Any issue I had was taken care of right away ! It way lovely."

"Brittany Shipp was very pleasant and helpful! Great customer services!!"

"Very friendly staff nice and quiet area. Very clean homes and happy residents"

"I think this is a wonderful apartment complex, the staff is very friendly, and the environment is nice and quiet."

"Brandy has been an amazing help! The apartment is great and I'm excited to be here!"

"Brittany Shipp was ABSOLUTELY amazing! She was very friendly and answered all my questions. I am very happy that she was the one that helped me! She should definitely get a promotion! I loved her personality!!!! My experience was wonderful because of Bittany Shipp!!!!"

"As always, excellent job and friendly service!"

"Damian Thomas did a great job repairing our bathroom. You have a great employee."

"To whom it may concern (Richard), DeAshley Haythe was an incredible help when we were going through the process of finding an apartment to live in for the following year. Our tour considted of a lovely drive on the golf cart which allowed us to see your lovely facility. My friend enjoyed the pond and how you can fish. We also liked the fact that there are grilling stations for barbecues. The fitness centers convenience and accessibility is very nice. The list goes on but we would like to close by saying that DeAshley is a keeper. Sincerely Alesia and Hillary, Future WP Residents"

"Whole team is wonderful and do their best to satisfy every resident. Brandy does a great job!"

"They are awesome! They always do an amazing job​ while keeping it professional!"

"This place is great! You are so easy to work with."

"I really enjoyed the atmosphere here. Very professional and courteous. The apartments were very clean. I would thoroughly enjoy living here and hope to get positive news. "

"Awesome! Brandy was super helpful and nice.c

"We are very satisfied with the maintenance crew here at Walden Pond. Alphonsi Destine was prompt to come and check on our freezer. Thank you all for all the prompt service. Bonnie & Mike"

"The guy who can to fix both our dryer and my oven was Damian Thomas. He was really nice, and smart. He got everything fixed really fast. He knew exactly what was the problem right away. He was also very polite "

"Damian and Curtis did a great job!! Very satisfied with my service!!"

"I am very happy living here. I wouldn't change anything. I only wish I could be at some of you events but because of my schedule with Lynchburg College (Midnight to Eight I can't."

"Walden pond is awesome. The staff is so sweet and personable. I love living here!"

"Extremely impressed by staff and grounds as well as amenities and they way I immediately felt like family! Thank you!"

"Damian was very professional, knowledgeable of the problem and curious throughout the service call. Thanks!"

"Great place!"

"This is just what I'm looking for. Very welcoming from the time you come through the door.."

"Damian T. has been to our apartment for 3 different occurrences and we have been very pleased with his attitude and respect. He made sure we were taken care of and the job was done properly. He respected my work schedule and made arrangements to work around it. He has made many follow up visits to make sure everything is going well. We really thank him for being so helpful and having the care and respect of the tenents of Walden Pond."

"The maintenance crew members are courteous and complete the requested work in a timely manner. Very satisfied"

"Could definitely see myself living here, really enjoyed the tour."

"Brittany Shipp is a huge asset to the leasing office at Walden Pond. She is kind, patient, and extremely knowledgable. She is easy to get ahold of and responds to any and all contact immediately. It has been a pleasure working with her through this process because she has made me feel very at ease. "

"Multiple people even offered to help with boxes [during my move-in]! Wonderful!"

"I have appreciated the professionalism and helpfulness of Brittney and Brandy."

"Pertaining to the last question, I was encouraged (of course, because part of touring is promoting) but never asked [to be a part of the community]. I really appreciated the honesty when discussing the comparisons between Walden Pond and the other apartment complexes I was looking into. Brittany didn't put down the other places in order to boost Walden Pond. That's not something you see everywhere, and it made an impact on my decision, for sure!"

"Service team was great. Wish I could remember names very courteous and professional!"

"Very prompt, courteous and competent maintenance crew here. I could not be happier with their fast, friendly, efficient service!"

"Brandy and the entire staff took very good care to ensure the leasing process, furniture rental, various services and move-in were extremely easy. I also appreciate the outgoing personalities of the staff."

"I found my kitchen floor and under my sink soaked with water and when I checked, found my garbage disposal rotted off. This was at 9:30pm Wednesday night. I called and Damian Thomas was on call and returned my call within 2-3 minutes and came right over and even helped me mop under the sink dry and put a fan to finish drying it. He checked to see if they had a new one and then came back and told me they would have to get one in the morning and he was back Thursday morning 3-6-14 to install a new disposal. He did a great job and I appreciate his quick response. He is always friendly and a hard worker."

"We have been here since 2010 and have found that all the service techs will go out of their way to make our lives just a little bit better. The maintenance team, office team and lawn care personnel continue to provide excellent service and provide us with a pleasant environment in which to live. Kudos to an awesome group of individuals."

"Walden Pond and ALL who work here are fantastic. They are friendly, hard working people who care about those who live here. It is a great place to live!!!"

"The two guys who helped me out, Clyde Shipp and Alphonzo Destin(?), were awesome. I was in a panic, worrying about the people below me and the apartment itself, but they assured me that things were going to be fine and both had great customer service skills. People that I've seen at other places would just barge in, give you a dirty look, fix the issue without saying a word, give you a dirty look again, and head on out. So, these guys were greatly appreciate, especially Clyde. They both would be more than deserving of a raise, but Clyde should be maintenance employee of the month. Please let them know that their hard work is appreciated for me. Thank you!"

"A man with HHHunt on his blue jacket (James) picked me up twice when I fell in the part of the sidewalk that was unshoveled. He then drove me to the bus stop. I never would have made it to work without his generous help. You have wonderful employees in the office and all the service technicians. I am so grateful I lived here and have for 7 years."

"Carpet cleaning done by Eric was awesome.. His attitude was great and was very professional.. Looks as good as new.."

"I was very satisfied with my stay while I was living there. Due to my health, I had to move."

"Walden Pond was one of the best places I have ever lived and if it wasn't for my job transfer, I would have stayed."

"I was very pleased at how quickly my emails were responded to by Brandy."

"Awesome Staff! If there are concerns or issues, they address them in quickly, completely and in a most professional way. You are extremely lucky to have them!"

"I was home and didn't need a service card. Your service technician Tim Snead had to replace the complete faucet in the kitchen. A very nice and kind man. You're lucky to have him! Thanks! Thanks also to Kermit for clearing my snow so I could get out!"

"They have done an amazing job every time we have had to call on them."

"Thank you to Clyde for the very courteous and prompt service in December when we were away. He fixed the noisy blower in the VAC room and now I can sleep much better. So quiet now! We are very pleased with the whole technical staff at Walden Pond. They are all, every one of them, very courteous and friendly. That is such a big deal to newcomers to the area like us."

"Thank you to Tim who came in to fix a noisy toilet seat! He ws s also willing to look at another problem as well to immediately make an adjustment and make our lives so much better. Thank you for Tim's great personality and willingness to make our stay here more comfortable. All the staff at Walden Pond are very helpful. I wouldn't make any changes to the staff. Thank you for our pleasant stay in 2013!"

"This one's for Kermit: Good man. Always willing to take a moment to say hi. Great PR man & always cheerful. It is fun to watch him load up a little cart with so many tree branches and whatever to make this place look great. He's a dedicated worker and deserves a high five for all the details he takes care of. Keep this man, he's a true asset to the welfare of Walden Pond living and the ones who call this place home for the long term. Nice to have met you Kermit!"

"Walden Pond is a wonderful place to live! Having completed 41 years as an educator and having a family in Lynchburg, we determined to relocate here in 2000. Our family here rendered valuable assistance in our choice of residence. Walden Pond was at the top of the list of possibilites! Aesthetic landscaping immediately captured our attention. We were drawn to the location which is easily accesible to all areas of the city. Its location also suggested a safe environment. Finally, a caring, friendly staff convinced us to make this our home. Subsequently, we found maintenance and housekeeping personnel to always be friendly and helpful. Buildings are well designed, strategically and carefully maintained. After residing here for more than 13 years, we feel qualified to recommend that anyone searching for a place to call home seriously consider Walden Pond. Rental rates are comparable and reasonable. Choose Walden Pond! You'll be glad you did! "

"Always good maintenance service."

"On 1/30/14 at 10 o'clock Clyde Ship replaced our carbon monoxide detector The apartment was left in amazing shape and the job was completed very professionally. Probably one of the best workers you guys have."

"Alphonsi Destin was great! He fixed it all up and even brought our package that came in the mail inside for us! Thank you!!"

"The staff was very nice and Brandy goes out of her way to help me get an apartment at Walden Pond. She always emails me back as soon as possible with the answers to whatever questions I have. I look forward to making Walden Pond my home."

"David Boone did a great job, that was very tedious."

"Request for maintenance was submitted on Friday. It was completed on Tuesday. Service was above and beyond! Thank you!"

"Just a note to thank you for the installation of my new kitchen appliances and to commend your Maintenance Staff on a job well done. It is a pleasure to work with your Maintenance Supervisor, Mr. James, and the entire Walden Pond Staff. Thanks go out to Phonzie, Damian and David. "

"The Walden Pond Maintenance team has always been prompt and thorough when I needed them."

"Thanks for the support Service Technician CLyde P Slipp Jr. was great doing his work."

"Wonderful people here, howxh"

"I love this place very much"

"Great place and great people especially Mrs. Brandy!!!!"

"Excited to be living here!"

"This was when my washer started flooding my kitchen. The guys were awesome. They made sure it was completely dry.